UX and A11Y researcher / strategist / designer

I help you figure out what you need to build - and ensure it was built right. 

quick bio

Over the last 15 years I've enjoyed helping startups and big brands realize their full potential for their mobile app, web site, software, channel execution, or an enterprise-wide solution.

During this time, I've come to believe all people deserve and need better experiences and engagements in every area of life. Therefore, I discover things people need and care about, craft engaging end-to-end solutions for life and then help other people build them.

Technically, I only do 2 things:

  1. determine the right solution / experience for you and your customers
  2. help design / build / deliver it

To do that, I work with teams to create big piles of data, insights, sketches, concepts, and prototypes and turn them into accessible things that people love to use. 

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Aetna Digital and CU's CMCI Program   

Denver Metro and the Front Range